Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng aka Ebony Reigns died on Thursday 8th February 2018 on the Sunayi- Kumasi road.Precisely, Nyamebekyere, few kilometers from Bechem in the Brong Ahafo Region.
Ebony had gone to visit her mother who had recently returned from the UK in Abesim a suburb of Sunyani. She was in the company of Franklina Yaa Tabuah Nkansah aka Frank Kuri, Ebony’s Bodyguard, Lance Corporal Francis Atsu Vondee and a driver.

Their 4X4 Jeep Collided with a VIP Passenger Bus going to Sunyani when they were returning to Accra. Only the driver survived.

To is exactly one month when Ebony Reigns died in that gruesome accident and as usual the hypocrisy will pour in. Ever since Ebony died, all of a sudden she is the apple of the eyes of Ghanaians.

No artist has been insulted, hated, cursed and called all sort of names in the history of Ghanaian showbiz industry than Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng aka Ebony Reigns considering all other things.

It is obvious Ghanaians were complacent in the death of the sensational afro diva, Ebony Reigns and should be absolutely ashamed of her death. Let me explain further:

1. The bible says that “Life and Death Lie On The Tongue”. If this statement is to true as Christians believe then no wonder Ebony Reigns died at the age of 21 years. Ghanaians rained all sort of curses on the young actress just because they didn’t like her brand.

Led by some pastors, death prophecy and all sort of things was said about the actress just because they didn’t like her dressing and choice of lyrics. Yet these same people are crying and writing sorrowful tributes ever since she died.

2. Ebony Reigns was judged every step she took in her music career ever since she became a national sensation in 2016. Ghanaians were too judgemental towards the young singer.

3. It’s quite surprising Ebony’s music has received such huge patronage and support from Ghanaians ever since she died. Majority of Ghanaians never support her music career when she was alive. She was tagged as evil and her songs were shunned by hypocritical Ghanaians. Now her music is popular all over…smh

4. One of the major set back in Ebony’s career was the fact that she was branded her as an agent of the devil. Pastors and men of God cited her as a bad example during their sermons.

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Despite a clear proof of her amazing talent, she was seen as the daughter of the Satan himself. Yet these same people now preach that she was killed by witches. How the daughter of Satan was killed by witches sounds like a rocket science to me, I can’t think far…lol

5. Nobody felt rejected and out of love than Ebony Reigns. In one of her videos recorded on Facebook Live when she was alive, Ebony Reigns talked about how the love she felt existed in the music industry was nonexistent after she entered.

She talked about how the female artists in Ghana told her they won’t feature on her song she wanted them all on simply because they didn’t like her and they told her to her face!!

6. Interestingly, despite all her good songs and cheerful attitude, Ghanaians never once saw anything good in her until she died. If for nothing at all, Nobody ever saw Ebony Reigns angry in public before and she churned out good music. Yet Ghanaians saw nothing good in her.

7. Hostility was the order of the day for this talented young singer. Ghanaians were too rude, Mean and insanely harsh towards everything Ebony Reigns. It was sickening!.

8. Despite the clear proof that Ebony was super talented and one of the greatest female artists in Ghana, she was never really welcomed by Ghanaians.

She was always the “that small girl who exposes herself indecently”. To the other female artists, she was always the new girl who was trying to take their shine. Very worrying indeed.

9. Anytime anyone opens her mouth to say something about the sensational Afro-Dance Diva, it was always something negative and demeaning as if she wasn’t a human being with feelings. Yet these same people are praising and mourning her today.

10. One thing Ghanaians failed to see was that Ebony Reigns was young and needed all the patience a young 21-year-old girl can ever need. People failed to see that she is very young and a such will make mistakes. Irrespective of the fact that no everything she did deserve love, we all over did it and gave her the impression she wasn’t welcome in this hypocritical world of ours and we should be ashamed. We failed to be patient with her and we should be very ashamed for driving her to her grave too early.


Source: GHPAGE

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