We live in a messed up time.
A time where women are more than willing to accept cheating men and where it is more honorable to be number one but not the only one. There is a high possibility that most women know who their bae’s side chick is. Men claim that they can’t fathom only having one woman as they are polygamous by nature and even though that is pure bull we seemed to have accepted it as part of their nature. A side chick is the girl that entertains your man when he is bored and is meant to be the perfect getaway from all your demands and boring pattern. But which ones exist? Here are the types of side chicks that exist.

1. The one who actually loves your man and she wants to stay.

This type of side chick knew that the man she was playing with was in a committed relationship but she wants to stay. In her mind she is in a competition with with you and she won’t quit easily.

2. The one using your bae until she finds something better.

This type is all about the benefits, it could be s2xual or anything else but as she is using your man she is looking for something else. Once she gets someone else she will take her leave.

3. The one who feels happy about sleeping with other people’s men.

Her ego is boosted every time she sleeps with other people’s men as she is excited that someone’s man is lusting over her. At the same time, she is happy that she is part of a distraction and secretly laughs at you.

4. The gold digger.

This one wants your man for money and nothing more, she is also well aware that the man she is with will never leave the love of his life for her.

5. The type who just needs love and affection after several heart breaks.

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She has been through a lot and has finally decided to settle for someone’s man. She doesn’t want the full relationship package and instead prefers something simple with someone who is already taken. She wants his attention and to feel desired but nothing more or less.

6. This one would rather be number two because she feels he loves her more.

This type is dangerous as she has come to be part of your life. She has probably been told by your bae that she could always be number two and that he would be able to balance between his number one and you.

7. The one who has come to replace you.

She will do so with everything she has, she has everything in place and will insist that he breaks up with you.

8. The free-spirited side chick that never complains and is willing to be booty call.

She is dickmatised and isn’t about to go anywhere because she loved the d. You sort of understand her because you know how good he is in bed even though that is not a reason to cheat but she is the girl who is also good in bed so he won’t let her go anytime soon.

9. The chick who doesn’t know she is the side.

This one is naive because she hasn’t been informed that she is not the only one. She feels entitled to him and even though she can tell he acts a bit odd especially when he goes MIA. This one will be a hard one to even deal with because she will probably think you have been the side chick yet you have been with him longer.

10. She could be your friend and you don’t know.
This one I think is the worst. Your bae’s side chick could be your neighbor or your close friend, she hangs out with you guys and takes your place as soon as you’re at work or on a trip.

11. The one who thinks the main chick is a witch.
Your man has probably told her that you’re the worst person ever and she has become like his shrink. As he tells her his woes she is quick in giving advice and even offers sex as a way of comforting him.

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