He comes with charm and empty promises loaded on his tongue. This is the kind of guy that will take you for a good ride, take you up till cloud 9 then leave you there to fall by yourself. We always call men players but you must understand that there are different types of players and you should never forget the difference.

In case you even decide to settle for a player then you should at least understand the kind you’re settling for, even if I strongly discourage this.

Here are the kind of players women are sick and tired of:

1. The one who sleeps around for his ego.
This kind of guy sleeps with women simply because he seeks an ego massage. He is not necessarily a bad person but has deep-seated issues which lead to him sleeping around as he feeds off women’s need for him especially sexually. This kind of man also doesn’t have standards he can hit on anything that gives him attention.

2. The type that does it for a challenge then drops you ASAP.
He only chases for the thrill of it and once he is bored it ends there. Also, this guy has many women to attend to as this is a hobby.

3. The one who pretends to be in touch with your emotions.
He pretends to be in touch with his and your emotions like he understands girls fully. Most of these men usually have many sisters so watch out for the guys with many sisters. He is deep, loving but he is also too friendly with every other girl.

4. Uses money and his looks to get women.
This is the one who is probably is not even interesting but thinks money and his looks should do the talking. He thinks he shouldn’t work on his personality just because girls already fall for him regardless and he can never be committed to one girl.

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5. The guy who isn’t looking for anything serious.
They always have excuses like “I am focusing on work” but he wants to sleep with you, you cook for him and do everything for him but at the same time, he isn’t looking for anything serious. You try turning this f*** boy into a man and nothing works.

6. The church guy who pretends that God told him about you.
“I prayed about you” kind of guy but he tells that to every girl. I mean really?

7. One who promises to give you the world but does nothing.
Super boring and uninteresting. He is full of words and empty promises but never takes active steps to ensure that he does what he said.

8. The kind who lies that the woman he always talks to is his cousin or sister.
Yeah right!

9. One who pretends to be heartbroken and can’t be serious.
I mean, get over your heartbreak up and grow up. As a matter of fact, you need to see a psychiatrist.

10. The one who can never introduce you to anyone.
Apart from his bed, living room and bathroom. Meeting his friends doesn’t count because they are probably as bad as him.

11. The one who lies he will leave his wife for you.
I mean why are you even with a married guy? Get over such a devil, he will not leave his wife and if he does, he will also leave you too.

12. The one who has female things in his room but lies that they are his sister’s.
I mean surely? This sister we never see? Why does she always leave different things?

13. The kind that is only available once in a blue moon.
Because he is busy playing every other girl and your turn hasn’t reached yet.

14. The one who pretends that he is not in a relationship to get in your pants.
But you know that his social media is filled with photos of him and his bae but you’re busy there entertaining his lies.

15. One who just tells every girl he loves them and girls fall for it.
He can say the L word as long as it gets you to bed even if he says it after three days.

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