Love they say is blind and it has made many people do stupid things which when they look back at it now, they are a bit shy to admit.

We all have our personal experiences when it comes to love and we are pretty sure, you will fall within one of these categories but of course, you’ll never admit it.

1. Giving your school fees to your love.

2. When you have to walk about 10 miles just to visit bae.

3. Staying up all night because of free call.

4. When you had to blow all your salary on Valentine’s Day.

5. When you intentionally had to embarrass yourself just to win bae’s heart.

6. When you had to attend bae’s church just to impress them.

7. When you book a room at Kempinski with all your salary just impress her and then you have to borrow from friends.

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8. When bae is coming over and you borrow clothes from friends just to impress her.

9. When you had to quit your job because bae didn’t like it.

10. When you had to deny your family because of bae.

11. When you had to opt for anal sex just to please bae.

12. When you’ve not eaten the whole day but had to give all your money to bae.

13. When you stole money from your parents to give to bae.

14. When you had s21x with him in an uncompleted building.

15. When you had to fight four macho men for her only to end up in the hospital.

16. When you had to stalk him just to see what he does or the girls he’s got in his life.

17. When you had to go through his phone all the time for evidence that do not exist.

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