The list of illuminati pastors in Ghana grow longer each day. Does it mean that the Illuminati society is increasing? Well we really can’t tell because these people have ill motives. The names of illuminati pastors in Ghana have been exposed but there are some things you did not know about these pastors.

1. They have many followers

The illuminati pastors and bishops in ghana have big churches they are very celebrated. To some extent, you might think that people worship them. An example is a church that has about 20,000 congregants every Sunday. One might wonder where all these people come from. These are not just Ghanaians, they are rich Ghanaians who travel from far just to attend a particular church. You can imagine the offering that the pastors receive. In one day, the pastor can buy himself a car with the thousands of cedis that he gathers. These pastors are not normal. You may think that these are just rumors, but wait until you attend one of their services.

2. They are powerful

So the pastors in illuminati in Ghana can perform miracles like Jesus did in the bible. Well performing miracles is a God given gift, until people abuse it. I have seen programs where these pastors remove demons from people in the name of Healing. This has caused some pastors’ works to be controversial.

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The question is; what is the source of such powers? Well that is a question that you can answer by yourself and if it raises questions just know you are in the wrong place. I mean, Jesus was a humble servant who lived with the poor in society. He never placed himself highly. The illuminati pastors exposed in Ghana show off their money and fame and behave like some gods. They have these posh cars and houses and the lifestyle that they live is surely not like that of a humble servant.

3. Once you start attending their churches, you are forever a follower

Obviously, no one in the illuminati will openly admit that they are in the illuminati. It is a secret society whose aim is to protect its people and the king who is the devil.

These top ten illuminati pastors in Ghana do not stop to amaze me. How comes that once you become a follower you do not think about any other church? Just ask yourself. It becomes like if something binds you to a particular church and you don’t feel comfortable anywhere else. Think about it.

A pastor is not a god, a pastor should a person who leads people to Christ. Most of these pastors who are illuminati in Ghana have very big businesses and some even own institutions like the central university. They are supporters of the political parties and somehow, they have a say in the political climate of Ghana.

These people are powerful; they have their own class, a class that we still question. These people indirectly run the country. They are the top illuminati pastors in Ghana. Unfortunately nothing can be done because there is no concrete proof of the Ghanaian pastors in illuminati.


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