1. We rarely wash our bras

And by rarely, I mean never. We assume they just don’t get dirty and then wear the same one day after day.

Even if we have a whole drawer full of bras, we probably only wear a few of our favorites. We don’t want them get ruined in the wash.

2. We pick our noses

Women do this probably much more than you think. Especially in the car…or really anywhere when there isn’t a tissue handy. I mean, who’s going to get up and get a tissue when I can’t just get in there and take care of things? Ladies, you feel me?

3. We hate shaving

It doesn’t matter where, or even how nice the razor is, we still don’t like doing it. Whether it’s our pits, our legs or our crotch area, shaving is a pain and takes up way too long in the shower.

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Lots of women wear pants (especially when it’s cold outside) just to avoid the hassle of shaving. Plus, we HATE getting razor bumps on our lady bits.

4. We are particular about pooping in public

When we have to (and absolutely HAVE to) go while out in public, we try to pretend we’re not in the stall and act dead silent if someone comes in. We won’t poop until they’re left the bathroom.

If they came to poop there is usually a poop stalemate. And nobody wins in a poop stalemate.

5. We struggle When dressing

Especially when we put on something that’s way too tight and restrictive– and then we can’t get it off. We panic for a moment and force said clothing article off our bodies.

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