Nollywood almost never gets cex and nud1ty right in movies. It takes a great deal of talent and hard work to create realistic cex scenes. In recent times, there have been several films and TV series that have portrayed the authenticity of cex – they include the cex scene between Sammy and Elizabeth in “Fifty,” the shower cex scene between Teni and Emeka in “Battleground” and those in “Devil in the Detail.” The cex scenes in “Devil in the Detail” had a role to play in the plot development but viewers have mostly been treated to ridiculously funny and unjustifiable depictions of cex and nudity: Scenes that will make you cringe and wonder what the actors, directors, producers and Nigeria Film and Video Censors Board were all thinking.

Here are five Nollywood movies that failed to justify its nude and cex scenes.

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1. “Shakira”

The cex scene between Mercy Johnson and Majid Michel in “Shakira” A movie about a man on rebound, who gets involved with a married woman, Shakira. The gratuitous cex in this movie doesn’t distract you from the story because there’s actually no story in the first place. But quite a number of people may find the raunchy scenes between Majid Michel and Mercy Johnson, no matter how terrible, enough reason to sit through “Shakira.”

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