Not every woman wants a relationship.

Sometimes, women just want to enjoy their lives and be the best versions of themselves that they can be. But society seems to think women should settle for men who aren’t worth a bottle of Coca-Cola. Firstly ladies, if you’re single and want a reason to avoid getting a boyfriend, here are some of the things we truly believe are better than a boyfriend:

1. Your own money

Your own money is never gonna leave you except to give you better stuff. But a boyfriend will just leave, walk around meeting new women and cheating? Will your own money ever cheat on you? We all know that’s a no.

2. Perfect heels

You know the perfect heels that make your legs feel like a million bucks? That pair of perfection is way better than a boyfriend. How does a boyfriend add to your overall flawlessness and slay? How?

3. An amazing dress

Ladies, every one of us has that dress that makes you look like a supermodel? That dress is better than a boyfriend that doesn’t add anything to your queendom!

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4. A plate of jollof tbvh

A boyfriend isn’t food. He will not satisfy you like a delicious plate of Jollof rice with some grilled chicken/turkey and pineapple juice. I will take a plate of Jollof any day.

5. A great selfie phone

The image you project to the world matters. A boyfriend isn’t better than a phone with a great camera that makes you Instagram/SnapChat famous.

6. Ice cream on a hot day

A boyfriend can’t cool you off on a hot day the way yummy ice cream will.

7. Yoga pants

Every woman looks great wearing yoga pants but not every woman looks good with a boyfriend. You can even wear a boyfriend. Yoga pants win this for us.

8. Push-up bras

No boyfriend is as supportive as a push-up bra. Ladies, we know the joy of wearing a deep Vee neck top with a push-up bra and looking all endowed and stuff even if we are not.

Yeah, men are still scum!


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