It sounds funny but people actually plan breakups for the holiday season just to avoid the little things like you know, buy Christmas presents, a vacation or a simple outing.

If you’ve been in a relationship for over six months and this is your first Christmas experience together, here are signs he just wants a break for the festive season and not an actual breakup.

1. He no longer picks your calls after December 1.

2. Your previously very funny jokes are not funny anymore.

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3. The usual nagging from you is at an annoyingly unacceptable level for him now.

4. Too many excuses to avoid seeing you.

5. Texting ‘k’ and ‘airing’ you.

6. He has no plans for Christmas and does not want to talk about it.

7. He schedules a travel far away from you for the month of December.

8. He actually breaks up with you before Christmas for no reason.

9. Or breaks up for a reason like, why you chew your banku instead of swallowing it when he took you out for lunch.


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