How appealable are Nigerian brands when it comes to the world stage? While you might want to buy your own pair of Levi’s or Wrangler, you might shy away from buying in Nigerian branded clothes, in spite of them being high on quality and fashion. One start-up is promising to change exactly that.

The Nigerian Brands and its Worldwide Access

Nigeria is the land of ethnicity and talented artisans who have transformed themselves into successful businessmen and women. They are known for their exquisite range of products and services in the country but rarely get a chance to debut in the global market. It is more like a closed path for them but with Afrebay’s help, it is about to change.


Afrebay: All You Need to Know About Them


Afrebay is an online trading platform based out in the United States that helps African artisans and businesses to get a global exposure but giving them the opportunity to reach global markets. African businesses don’t have a clear path to the international market, which restricts most of them to promote their business globally. It also means that bookmaker companies like bet9ja will also receive global attention


Afrebay recently launched its office in Lagos, Nigeria during which the business model was presented to African businesses. The event was attended by several self-employed businesspersons, artisans, Afrebay promoters, and chief executives of top organizations.


How Do They Plan to Launch the Products?

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Many workshops were held as a part of the launch, where successful global companies talked about the challenges they faced in early stages of their business and how to use Afrebay to promote their products internationally. Afolabi Andu, chief executive of Visage World Limited, was one of guests invited for the launch. During his speech, Andu said that African products are often considered substandard in the global market and that is why, African businesses find it so difficult to make it to the international market.


Andu said that with Afrebay the situation can be very well tackled as it provides a direct path to the world market without any hiccups or hindrance. Olufela Durotoye, CEO, Fela Durotoye Organization, helped local businesses with ways to turn their local brand into a global one.


He used a map to show how to reach out globally and pointed that Nigeria is exactly in the middle of the world map and has more opportunities to export its products to other countries compared to China, which is one of the extreme sides of the map.. Since one can play their favorite casino games online, there is no reason for Nigerians worldwide to not love them. In fact, the trend in catching on already today in the country.


Fela said that companies become global powers because their government support and encourage them and expects the same from the Nigerian government. Yemi Azeez, chief finance officer of Afrebay US, thanked all those who attended the official launch and said that he is looking forward to working with creative and innovative Nigerian businesses and help them become global brands.

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