my relationship of 3 years ended December last year, everything was smooth until when she got a job before me, she started forming busy and all.


There are times we don’t talk throughout the week and the excuse will be she had a rough and busy week that she couldn’t even answer my calls. ( she resumes work 8am and closes 5pm). After a lot of complain Nothing changed, I stopped calling and checking up, she wasn’t moved either.

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It went on like that for over 4 months and I decided to move on. I met this new lady at a weeding party and we exchanged contacts and luckily for me we started dating weeks after. The very first time I used her picture on WhatsApp status, my ex messaged me up after months of her disappearance to ask where I met her cousin and I told her blunt and clear that she’s my woman ( I never knew they were related until this).

Now she’s fighting her to leave her man and accusing me of causing rift in their family…

The funny thing is she now calls every morning and night to check on me. How do I go about this, I love my new girl and she loves me too I guess.

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