I’m confused and really disturbed, I just found out that my husband tried to sleep with my elder sister before our traditional marriage 2 years ago, same thing happened with my friend the year we got married but he said my friend was trying to have an affair with him the same way he said my sister was trying to seduce him back then,


my sis kept it from me because she felt I won’t believe her if she had told me then, and my friend just explained everything that happened between her and my hubby (how he was disturbing her to meet him in hotels etc) please don’t say they are trying to break my home, there’s proof, and I also read chats between a girl and my husband on whatsap, hes cheating on me with her, she even sent nud3 pictures to him, few people have told me that they see him with different girls in his car or clubs. I believed in him soo much,

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he made me belive he’s a saint and a one woman kind of man. He naggs and complains about everything, he has no patience and zero tolerance, he has hit me twice, he’s a liar, the annoying thing is that he always blame me for all our misunderstanding, he’s never at fault. 11m to young for all these drama, 11m 23… should I stay with a man that can try to sleep with my own sister? What should I do? I’m soo confused my bank account isn’t strong, he dosnt respect me, he calls me names, and says he regret marrying me, please what step should I take…



I need serious advice, there are no children we decided till after my school, I will be done next month. 11m in soo much pain, please advice me, don’t comment about my age I know… the mistake has already been made.

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