As a man, you should know that there are some questions which women normally feel strange while answering and that you should never ask. Those questions may decide if you will move forward as a couple or fail terribly.

Here are questions you should never ever ask bae:

1. Are you going out looking like that?

Well sometimes her fashion choices don’t appeal to you but never ask a woman that question. She feels offended and will be angry.

2. So you are going to eat all that?

You know she loves eating, and sometimes you worry she eats so much but never ever ask a woman about how much she’s eating, even if she weighs 110 kgs and she’s eating an ice cream going up a staircase.

3. How many men have you slept with?

When a woman tells you she’s been with 4 men it’s actually 7, cause she doesn’t want to look cheap to you. Don’t ask her that.

4. Are you done?

When arguing never ask a woman if she’s done, that not only skyrockets her anger but will start a new argument. Please don’t.

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5. Are you always that big, or you are pregnant?

Come on dude! She just added a few kilos, don’t ever tell a woman that she’s fat. It’s disrespectful and makes her feel bad. Let her be fat in peace, it’s her body.

6. Is your sister beautiful?

So are you dating her or her sister? These kinds of questions make a woman mad. She is here not her sister so shut up!

7. Why are you always emotional?

Girls are allowed to be emotional, cry also but never ask her why she is always emotional. Let her be, it’s allowed.

8. Do you need some money?

The answer in her head will be “Do I look like a golddigger?”. Never ask a woman if she needs money if you want to support her just give it to her. Asking that question is offensive.

9. Are you on your periods?

We all know about the hormonal changes and all that during her menses that may make her attitude change. Never ask her if she’s on her menses if she starts acting all weird. It’s offensive.

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