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A lady who like to be anonymous share her bad experiences on her wedding day after she leaft her cheating husband on altar on her wedding day. She wrote:

“I left my husband-to-be at the altar. One of the women he was sleeping with left a package at my gate: A phone that had all of their chat conversations and audio recordings of their numerous phone calls. She had a video recording on the phone – of them having sex, and all these dated to when we were courting. I always had this inner discomfort about my intended marriage to him. I was in my 30’s, feeling ‘older’ in my own skin, and wanted so much to be a ‘Mrs.’, somebody’s ‘Mrs.’. I was scared of being alone, I felt I was under so much pressure to settle down – because all of my age mates were getting married and having babies, that, I thought I was behind.

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I almost rushed into marriage with him. Dave, I left him at the altar on our wedding day. And I made sure the phone delivered to me was sent to him in church – for his viewing pleasure. It was delivered to him on the altar by one of his best men. I drove to Holy Trinity Spa, to relax and rethink. I am still single, but very happy with myself. I am excelling at work. I am building myself up. I am feeling hopeful for the very best future ahead of me.”

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