A young lady has recounted how a guy she recently started dating slapped her hard over allegations of cheating that she lost control of her memory. Read her story below:


So straight to my story,been dating my bf since February,M not this club girl but he likes taking me out and most especially to d club, 2days ago he messaged me on whatapp with “your matter don enter my hand today, so u Dey form good girl since but they fu..k for money, I dey carry u around dey show my friends and you dey do rubbish dey go”.

he said his friend took his phone @d club and saw my videos and was like”baba na u dey date dis fine don fu….k this babe na, I even pay her 50k na her gf hook us up, in the presence Of all his friends, he said his legs were shaking and the 100k all his friends gave him was frustrating.

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l tried convincing him that the guy was lying and begged him to allow me come to the club to prove my innocence which he refused, The next morning he told me to come over to his place to show me the guys pics, he did and the face didn’t 100k familiar , I tried explaining to him that the guy was lying the gf, that was when my gf reminded me of one matured imbecile that saw my pics on her status and was begging for hookup,he even begged to give me 80k and then 150k but I refused.

This imbecile has only seen my pics,l didn’t know he was my bfs friend, and was always seeing my pics on my bf’s status, so the day my friend posted my pics on her status the imbecile chatted her up begging her and putting price tag on his own head not mine,She chatted the guy up and he denied even seeing my supposed bf @d club and said he never said such,my gf made a screenshot Of all her chat with the imbecile and sent to me which I forwarded to my bf&).

So the reason am writing this do u guys think I should forgive my bf? Or I should just move on with my life, he doesn’t even trust me, he kept on saying his friend can never lie, now the truth is out and he has been begging…M deeply hurt

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