My name is Gerald, a 48-year-old man. I have a story to tell and I hope I will get some answers from your readers because my life is currently in a turmoil.
The way I am feeling right now, I think the only option left for me is to kill my wife, Chioma if I am to free myself from her grips.

I know I brought this on myself and I will live to regret it for the rest of my life. I thought my former wife and mother of my three children was making my life difficult not knowing that by sending her away, I was going to open the door for the devil to walk in.

My former wife, Agatha, had her flaws but on reflection today, I can say she was an angel compared to Chioma who must have been sent to me by Satan himself to cause me pain and desolation.

As I write this, I am in the hospital after suffering a mild heart attack because of Chioma. Before I got married to her after I parted ways with my first wife, Chioma was an epitome of beauty, honour and what a good woman should be.

Little did I know that she was doing all that to warm her way into my house. I don’t want to go into details on what happened for me to send my first wife packing but I will say we were drifting apart and we were no longer comfortable being together.

We were always quarrelling, keeping malice and I found my house not conducive to me. I now know I should have worked things out with her but then, I was not as old as I am now and I was not very wise.

Before we divorced, I had started dating Chioma and I must say it was largely because of her that I had to send my first wife away so that I could marry Chioma.

But a few months after we had a court wedding where she made me sign a prenuptial agreement that I would never divorce her or I would lose everything I had, I knew she was on a mission.

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She must have charmed me to make me agree to the pre-nuptial and now, I send this devil away. Chioma has ended up separating me from my family as she does not want to see anyone from my side in our house while her siblings come and go as they want.

She has succeeded in making me send my kids out of the house and made sure I do not take care of them.

She insults me in public, fights me at will, destroys things in the house and recently, she started flaunting her lovers before my eyes, daring me to do anything. The last straw was when I walked into her having cex with a man she said was her cousin.

The guy came back from the US and Chioma brought him to the house claiming he was her cousin and would stay with us for some days before going to the village. Being the simpleton she has turned me into, I welcomed the man and told her to make him comfortable.

Two nights later, I woke up suddenly and did not see Chioma on the bed. I thought she had gone to the bathroom but after a while and she did not return, I went to the bathroom and she was not there.

I did not know what she was up to this time. On instinct, I went to the guest room, thinking she could be there with her ‘cousin’. On getting to the door of the guest room, I heard some moaning sounds and stood there thinking the guy had sneaked a woman into my house.

But there was no way I could mistake my wife’s moaning sounds. I touched the door handle and fortunately, it was not locked and there was my wife with a man she claimed was her cousin having wild cex.

It was my screams that made them aware I was there and that was the last I remembered as I woke up in the hospital where the doctors told me I had suffered a heart attack.

I know I brought this on myself and I don’t know how to change all the harm I had done. Fortunately, my former wife is still unmarried and my only friend who has stood by me says I should go and beg her and send Chioma away no matter what I would lose in the process.

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