A desperate man would say just about anything to get into the pants of a woman he wants. He would lie, and even cheat to see this happen. While some women have learned, and fall less for these kind of men, some are still gullible, and will fall for these men when they come by them.

The sad thing is men like this never stick around for long after getting what they want.


It’s quite disappointing, and needs to be discouraged. This post will list some of the common lies men tell to deceive unsuspecting women into having sex with them. Take a look…

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Commonly used by most deceptive men to make a woman think they’re in a rocky marriage, and they’ve been working hard to get off it, with no success. But that line is as untrue as the person it comes from. We know that there are marriages that are suffering seriously, but the question is, if it’s as bad as they make it seem, why not leave the marriage entirely? Why stick around to play games? Ladies, don’t fall this lie!


Another lie invented to deceive more unsuspecting women by most married men. When a man tell you this lie, he wants you to think he has made up his mind to leave his supposedly marriage, but the truth is that he’s simply lying through his teeth.

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