Well, it’s time you evaluate yourself and point out where exactly the problem is.

Here are a few reasons why you attract the wrong men.

1. You are unsure of yourself.

Men like a confident, intelligent and bold woman, not one who carries herself as someone who is not serious. If you’re unsure of yourself and what you need or want to get out of a relationship, you’re likely to fall for anyone.

2. You don’t know what you want in a man.
Have you ever asked yourself, “What do I want in a man?”. Many are the times are when you focused too much on looks and ignore the type of character that you could trust your heart with. Accepting anything and being vague about what is okay means you’re too willing to consider the wrong guys.

3. You look for men in the wrong places.

Do you seem to be routinely attracting men that aren’t good for you? Well, you have to think twice. Change your dating patterns, start looking for good men in other places, like the church where you believe they can be found. Change your ground.

4. You always send the wrong signals.
Maybe you dress too provocatively or you are too slutty – do you make yourself too easily available to men? Try fixing your wardrobe or behavior and you’ll definitely attract that good guy.

5. You get into relationships to justify yourself.

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Do you get into relationships to justify your worth? Does being with a guy somehow affirm who you are? Then you are doing it all wrong. You repeat the pattern of trying to win men’s love and that’s how you end up attracting the wrong guys.

6. You have low self-esteem.
If you’ve been with men who make you feel ugly, stupid, or worthless, it’s essential to work on your self-esteem before diving headfirst into another bad relationship. Respect and love yourself and there is a man out there for you who will love you for who you are.

7. You fear to be alone.
You have jumped from one bad relationship to another for fear of being alone. You are always ready to settle for crap provided you are not alone. You need to enjoy yourself and believe you deserve more.

8. You love bad boys.
You have been in a bad relationship for God knows how long. You like the thrill that comes with dating these bad boys. You think being with bad boys is fun and you have become accustomed to them. Change your circle and be with people who will appreciate you. Leave the playboys alone.

9. You don’t think you deserve better.
The type of guy you date is a true reflection of what you want in life. If you find yourself in situations where you date guys who disrespect you, devalue value you and have no respect for you, ask yourself, “Do I deserve better?” Then work hard towards getting better.

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