Ladies remove their pub11c hair for quite a long time .The majority of the ladies remove their pub11c hair completely or mostly.

This became normal part of their hygiene. But many of the ladies don’t know that removing the pub11c hair has some side effects.
Ladies, we recommended to you not to shave or wax your pub11c hair. Read This!

Women are not aware of the dangers of removing the pub11c hair from their intimate zone. It was found that, 90% of women shave their pub11c hair, while 87% go at a marvel salon for a private haircut.

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In this area the skin is very sensitive, as well as prone to cuts and wounds. After shaving their pub11c hair, majority of women feel tingling.

We should mention that in the genital area there are many sweat glands, which makes it a perfect environment for development of bacteria.

Also, in case you have cuts on this area there’s the risk of infection. The gynecologists say that pub11c hair in a way provides resistance to s333xua11y transmitted diseases.

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