A middle-aged man in Kokromoase, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, has impregnated his own daughter, and is now asking her hand in marriage.


According to a Mynewsgh.com report, the man identified as Agya Nsiah started defiling his daughter, Mabel Akosua Ohenewaa, at tender age of 12.

Report has it that Agya Nsiah is currently holding various discussions with some close extended family members to make his daughter his second wife, and threatened to kill his daughter if any family member refuses to give in to his demands.

However, Akosua Ohenewaa, has vowed not to marry her biological father despite being pregnant for him.

Narrating her ordeal on Kumasi-based Nhiyra FM, as monitored by Mynewsgh.com, Mabel Akosua Ohenewaa who is now 20 revealed that she suffered defilement at the hands of her own father at age 12.

Akosua who is now 20-years-old, said her father made several advances on her and attempted to ‘lie with her’ after she turned 12-years.

However, he started picking issues with her and finally stopped taking care of her in school.

“My father told me to drop out of school because according to him, I was not academically good. He rather offered to teach me sex education so that I could sleep around with men and bring money home,” Akosua revealed in Twi to the shock of the many listeners.

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According to eagleee the 20-year-old lady said she then ignored her father and continued with her education until one day he accused her of sleeping around with another young man.

” I refused to drop out of school until a day when he accused me of sleeping with someone and I denied. He asked that I allow him measure the sizes of my breast with a tape to prove my innocence which I obliged. He said he was going to do that every three days just to be sure I was not sleeping around,” Akosua narrated.

The victim added that she was scared to report the conduct of his father and was, therefore, undergoing this torment until age 16.

“One day he came home accusing me of sleeping with another man again, and said that I could only prove my innocence if he had cex with him of which I refused,” she said

Akosua Ohenewaa added that her father threatened her with severe beatings for failing to give in to her demands, and therefore had no option but to yield to her father sexual demands even though she was a virgin at the time.

She said this continued for several years until she got pregnant after which he refused responsibility, though he has admitted having sex with her on several occasions.

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