Meet Bill, a former marine who lives in Dallas and now spends his time as an online fitness influencer.

But he’s not your average source of #fitspo. Oh no, Bill’s a 67-year-old granddad who spends at least two hours a day down the gym and uploads his workout routines to his Instagram for others to follow.

After just two years in the online game, he’s now got thousands of fans who follow his every muscular move.

‘I was reposted on a group for over 40s who keep fit and all of a sudden, I had thousands of people following me and interested in how I managed to look like I do,’ Bill recalls.
‘I thought it would be a fun opportunity to speak with people about keeping fit and to maybe tell them how I keep in shape.
‘I eat the same thing every day. I have oats, omelettes, chicken and salads. I don’t drink at all really – it never really agreed with me.’

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Bill has two breakfasts and a chicken salad before heading to the gym around midday and only gives himself one day off a week.

The former male entertainer believes he’s been blessed with a ‘physical gift’ which shouldn’t go to waste, which is why he’s always kept in good shape.

So, what’s Bill’s secret?

‘I’m not a personal trainer so I don’t really give professional advice. I just tell people what I do as they seem interested,’ he says. ‘I have always eaten to stay alive. I see food as fuel. I am always trying to get my body fat down.’

As for his fans, well, he’s obviously got a load. In fact, he’s got 26.5k on Instagram.

‘I do get looks on the street and people pay me compliments. Some people are a bit envious at times but most people are supportive and like to see my progress.’

Source: Metro UK

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