Yoni yoga, also known as vee jay yoga – with mystics in India, Courtney Maria Halsted is the vee jay witch who has improved many Cex life of women in her age with her Use of ‘Massage Wands’ To Teach Women How To Improve Their Cex Lives.

A self-described ‘vee jay witch’ is making a living teaching women how to use meditation to improve their Cex lives – including giving lessons with ‘massage wands’.

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Courtney Maria Halsted, 31, was drawn into the world of witchcraft as a child and spent her early twenties studying yoni yoga – also known as vee jay yoga – with mystics in India.

After moving to Melbourne, Australia, the Cexual healer carved a career teaching women from far and wide how to ‘harness the power of their pelvis’ to help them improve their Cex lives.

Her services are mostly offered through Skype consultations, a medium which puts a modern spin on ancient traditions.

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