There are more tech startups today in Nigeria than you could think of. While at one point of time Nigerian economy was lagging behind, it is today again gaining pace. A lot of it boils down to what Nigerians today believe will work for them. There is an increased focus on innovation today more than ever before. And there is an active youth ready to take on the challenges.

Sure, they still enjoy that occasional online game or try out their luck with Hollywoodbets, but they know that they have a lot to do. And it’s this ambitiousness along with a good talent pool that is changing things around.

The Top 5 Nigerian Tech Startups You Need to Know About

Nigeria has been leading its way with several promising tech startups in the recent years. They have also been successful in attracting a lot of external funding from national as well as international investors. Let us look at the following top 5 Nigerian Tech Startups and their innovations!

  1. Dropque

Dropque aims at making the recruitment process easy for both the recruiters and the prospective candidates. This software gives an option to the recruiters to send files, videos or text-based interview questions to the job seekers. It helps in easy shortlisting because traditional CV’s do not help the recruiters in making informed and comprehensive decisions. Finally, this startup saves both money and time for the recruiting team and the job seekers.

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  1. FarmCrowdy

FarmCrowdy is an agricultural platform that is crowd funded and aims to instill confidence and empower the farmers of Nigeria. It lends an opportunity to individuals to choose agrarian produce and sponsor it for one season to get the returns within the span of a year.


  1. QuickCheck

QuickCheck aims to empower people by making banking services easily and readily available to everyone. It has gained a lot of recognition because it solves the problem of banking services that even the smartphone users face. It’s one of the most innovative solutions that can solve many of the common user problems.


  1. Monapay

Monapay is a startup that aims to make online payments easy. With Monapay, you can forget about putting in the long credit/debit card number with their expiry date and CVV. It can be a revolution in the field of online shopping and has already won ₦2 million in one of the Wintech events. Therefore, it is expected to have immense potential in the future of online retailing.

  1. ThriveAgric


Another exciting startup to empower the farmers of Nigeria, ThriveAgric, allows anyone not just to fund a farm but also to learn tips and tricks of agricultural practices and share the profit from harvests in the end.

To conclude, we can only praise the innovative minds and spirit to use technology to benefit the masses. The startups mentioned above are clear examples of bringing technology and welfare together.

If these startups do make it big, it won’t be long before they give rise to something more exciting, and spelling a glorious time for the Nigerian economy. We just have to wait and watch!

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