In the past decades wristwatches had partially lost their original meaning, since we all have clocks on our smartphones nowadays. However, watches are still an essential part of fashion and are equally adored by men and women. A high-quality and good-looking watch can cost a fortune, but we know how to make the purchase less expensive. Shop for inexpensive watches from top international brands in Nigeria on Jiji:

Where to buy?

Even if you still like to do old-school shopping at physical stores, you’ll need to accept the fact that a good and affordable watch is nearly impossible to find at an offline location. By shopping for a watch online you will be able to compare the prices and talk to the seller without any rush to make an informed decision. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for an expensive designer watch or a cheap everyday wristwatch – you’re guaranteed to find it on Jiji.

What to avoid?

The worst mistake you can do while shopping for an inexpensive watch is buying a watch that resembles expensive models. A cheap watch made from golden-coloured metal and encrusted with rhinestones will not fool anyone – people will instantly tell that you’re wearing a fake watch and it won’t do anything good for your reputation. That is why it’s best to avoid knockoffs when looking for a watch.

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Another thing to avoid is cheap materials. If a watch is made from plated gold or is gold-coloured, you won’t get a long weartime from this model, since fake gold will eventually peel off or change colour. Leather straps are not a good idea for the same reason – manufacturers of affordable watches often use fake leather that quickly loses its look.

What to look for?

The best way to buy a cheap watch that won’t disappoint you is to look for the most authentic model possible. There are plenty of wristwatch brands that produce great watches for a fraction of the price. Look for straps that are made from plastic, fabric, or standard metal – they will last for ages and won’t embarrass you in front of watch connoisseurs.

One more thing to look for is the right type of the watch. Mechanic and automatic have their advantages and they are undoubtedly great-looking, but if you’re on a search for an inexpensive watch that will work for years, go for quartz. Quartz watches may not be as glamorous as their mechanic counterparts, but they are a much better choice for watch shopping on a budget.

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