The tightness of a woman’s private part is not related to the size or amount of the joysticks that have been inside it.

This thing is nothing but myth. It’s a myth that a woman’s veejay becomes permanently stretched out from having cex with a man with a large joystick.

After each cexual encounter, the veejay contracts to its original size, and it has no lasting stretching from a large joystick.

The only way that a woman’s veejay may stretch significantly is after she has a baby, and as you know a baby is much larger than any human joystick.

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The tightness of a woman is related to the following

#1 The muscle tone in her pe1v1c region

#2 When a woman’s veejy feels very tight during cex, often it is either dry because she is not arou3ed, or her muscles are contracting because she is anxious or maybe not interested in cex.

If your girlfriend’s veejay feels loose (and she’s not a mom), then that could mean that she is easily turned-on and very interested in having cex with you. When a woman is highly arou3ed, her veejay lubricates, then lengthens and expands in order to allow a joystick to penetrate easily

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