HIV is one deadly virus that has claimed several lives and is in fact no follower of persons, and so are Celebrities who are HIV positive. It doesn’t also means that whoever acquire that disease is going to die immediately.

If you take care of yourself and change your lifestyle , of course you are going to live long barred any unnatural occurrences.

Have a glance at some celebrities who are actually HIV positive:

1.Charlie Sheen

Famous actor Charlie sheen told NBC’s “Today” show that he was diagnosed as HIV-positive over four years ago, which many those who knew it demanded a great deal of cash from him to keep it out of the public.

More or less a bribe to avoid “blackmail” .Sheen, 50, proclaimed he’s unsure how he acquired this terrible virus. Since his diagnosis, he has told all his partners of his condition including his close relatives. He referred to as it “impossible” that he had transferred the virus to others.

2. Andy Bell

Erasure’s lead singer Andy Bell proclaimed being associate HIV victim on Dec 2004. However he was determined to keeping it personal for several years before creating this announcement. He has given to charities and raises funds to support HIV/AIDS researches and their researchers.

3. Mondo Guerra

A notable designer and quite well-liked TV personality. He admitted his HIV positive status throughout the eighth season of Project Runway in 2010.

He had antecedently kept it secret to the general public for over ten years. Now, he has become HIV activist and travels round the world to speak concerning his story.

4.Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is one among NBA’s greatest players. In 1991, he told the world that he had HIV throughout his retirement with LA Lakers.

His condition raises awareness to the general public, particularly since he revealed a guide entitled “What you’ll be able to Do to Avoid AIDS” to teach others. He conjointly established a foundation named after him to support and fund HIV/AIDS research.

5. Ongina – Ryan Ong Palao

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Ryan Ong Palao was born and raised in the Philippines. She likes to describe herself as a woman trapped in a man’s body. Ongina, her screen name, was born when she decided to join the reality TV Series RuPaul’s Drag Race. She was diagnosed with HIV in 2006 and decided to announce it in 2008 after winning the “MAC Viva Glam” challenge. Today, Ongina has a popular web series HIV+ Me, where she converse with other HIV-positive people about their experiences and troubles.

6. Nadja Benaissa

At age 14, she revealed being addicted to cocaine. At 16, she got pregnant and found out that she was HIV-positive. And in 2010, Nadja was found guilty of infecting her boyfriend with the virus.

7.Jim J. Bullock

You may remember this actor for his role in Too Close for Comfort. He learned about his condition back in 1985 but kept it a secret.

He found love in 1990’s when his showbiz career was down & in 1996, he decided to return to hosting. That same year he lost his partner due to AIDS-related complications.

Today, at age 60, he is a longtime HIV survivor through the help of antiretroviral drugs.

8.Sean Strub

Strub is a famous writer and director of The Sero Project, an organization of people with HIV fighting against discrimination.

He is also one of the founder of Poz magazine, a magazine for people with HIV/AIDS. Strub was diagnosed with this terrible virus when he was in his 20’s, but since then, he has been very active in making a big difference in the injustice of how people with HIV are treated.

9. Rod Daily

An online personality and star of films for adults, Daily, published via twitter that he is HIV positive on September 2013. He is said to be the second adult film’s star that has contracted HIV. His announcement led to a week-long shutdown of the industry in San Fernando Valley.

10. Tyler Curry

“Even though I probably won’t die tomorrow, I can still live better today”- Tyler CurryA famous freelance columnist and a great fiction writer. He is the senior editor of popular online magazine that tries to fight discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS.

He was only 28 when he found out he was infected by this serious virus. Since then, Tyler has become very active in writing about HIV, educating and challenging the way the most of people think about this virus and the people who are affected by it.

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